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Let’s Race!

 Stafford and the A.R.S.S. have given the Hope Town Sailing Club members the opportunity of a lifetime to come and experience sailing on the Rage in the club’s scheduled races. This has been such a big hit this season that the sign-up sheet was filled up with names as soon as it was posted.

So, what is it like being a newbie crew member? It’s different for everyone, depending on what their position is for the day. We’re going to start posting experiences here on the blog, and if you have a story to tell, email cdpahl.abacorage@gmail.com, and we’ll get your tale out there for all to read.

To start this section, Richard Barnes has written about how he and Anne felt about their whole experience…

 “No, you’re not!” These words were ringing in my ears as we left Bristol in the UK for Hopetown. I foolishly said I would like to see if I could get a trip on the Rage this year, but the danger implied was too much for my partner Anne. Having seen the sign- up sheet at an early stand up and after some wine, she said YES I could go.

 I’ve sailed across the Atlantic on a square rigger, driven a boat round the canals of Venice, and survived the Med’s violent storms that come on you every afternoon with regularity. I know what fear is. But, the prospect of racing on the Rage really worried me. When on board my fears were confirmed by the agricultural approach to sailing. Low boom, no room as 15 crew try to move about…. well it’s not as bad as I first imagined. After the first two practice tacks, I thought there was a chance that I may go ashore with fingers, toes, head, etc. intact. Full marks to Stafford and Richard, and the locals who are really great with newbies like me!

After a curtailed first race ,”main halyard failure”, I was so elated… relating my near brush with death by pry ……that Anne determined not to miss out on the fun signing up for the next race! Now we were both in the jaws of death. She too found it great fun and got her competitive streak going. “That crew isn’t trying hard enough,” she thought.

To keep the Rage in the groove, the lee rail should just be in the water, a hard job of coordination for 15 souls. The Buzz of getting the boat travelling is amazing! A unique mix of Bahamian residents, vacationers, renters, and boaters reminds me of a village cricket team in England. The bonding of the crew is almost immediate. Once again, amazing! We are both grateful for the privilege of sailing on the Rage, a part of Bahamian history.

*As a footnote, Richard and Anne are now great supporters of the Abaco Rage and plan on racing again and again!

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