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2014 Family Island Regatta

Stafford’s first three race reports on the Dove from George Town:

#1-Bobbie, Eric, Randy, Richard and Stafford are in George Town for the 61st National Family Island Regatta. Jeff arrives today. The Dove has also arrived, yesterday (Monday) a day ahead of schedule. Shipping damage is minor, thanks to Richs shrink wrap job. Today we will step the mast, rig sails and tune up. Marcus says he will be out in Tarianne this afternoon also. Weather forecast looks encouraging for the Regatta Wednesday thru Saturday. Now the work begins………

#2-Tuesday turned out to be one disaster after another. First, had to find a welder to fix the broken pry bracket. That took some time to arrange. Get supplies for the week. Launch and rig our 2 Sunfish so we have more room to work around the Dove. Arrange with Croc to lift and step the mast. Slip in a slam bam for lunch and tow Dove alongside Lady Bella for the mast stepping and that’s when we realise that our main and jib halyards and the fittings have been stolen in shipping! AAHHHHHH!!!!!! Thankfully Mike (Croc) has some extra rigging and we manage to get everything set for the main halyard. Secure Dove for the night because now its Happy Hour! Tomorrow we will rig the jib halyard and test. Hope all goes well with that……

#3-Finally its race day but we are still rigging the Dove. We need to rig a jib halyard and rerig the main halyard. Time is flying and things are going excruciatingly slow and we are scheduled to start at 12:30 and we still don’t have a skipper! However Denis is on the way to Nassau to pick up Jeff and we get Dove rigged as needed once again thanks to Croc’s kind assistance. Dove is ready to test and Jeff arrives about 11:30 an hour before we are supposed to race. Talk about last minute! Winds are VERY light and VERY variable. A quick lunch and off we go. Recut sail looks good, tweak the stays a bit and anchor up on the line in P2. There is no wind. We banter with Race Committee Head Clyde Rolle about the course (all marks to starboard) and he says we gonna sail no matter which direction the wind comes from. We had a great start (14 B Class boats) and are in 3rd at the windward mark behind Susan Chase and Tarianne. Chase goes right, we go left which turned out to be a good thing, Chase fell way behind. We hold 2nd thru the first lap. Winds are up and down and shifty. Very challenging. Halfway thru the 2nd lap we are passed by Chase and fall to 3rd. Where the hell they come from? At the completion of the 2nd lap we manage to squirt by Tarianne (stuck in dead air) and Chase goes wwwaaaayyy too far left and bury themselves. We are in 1st! One more leg to the finish and Tarianne is coming hard but we sail harder and get the gun. We win the Governor Generals Cup!

Now lets hope we can keep it going for 3 more races and take the National Championship for a 3rd time. Stay tuned.

Check out these awesome photos from Images by Alexander that were posted on Facebook:





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Racing Schedule

Wednesday, April 4
Hope Town Sailing Club
Triangular Course
Charles Pollack Trophy

April 24 - 28
George Town, Exuma
National Family Island Regatta



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