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46th Annual Long Island Regatta

Stafford Patterson Reports:

Highlights from the 46th Annual Long Island Regatta 2013

Winds were 15 to 20+ MPH the whole Regatta. Very puffy/gusty and shifty, more so than usual.

Monday 3/06: Nomad, Randy, Richard, the Rage and the Dove arrive Salt Pond safe and sound.

Tuesday 4/06: Richard, Randy & Duncan glass Rage mast crack below gooseneck. Andrew Curry, Andrew Wilhoyte, Bob, Eric, Stafford arrive Long Island. Crew plays tourist balance of the day.

Wednesday 5/06: Rig both Rage & Dove for competition, replace Rage mainsail headboard. In the afternoon the Junior competition got going and from our vantage point on Nomad, we witness Juniors yelling at a local C Class practicing and in the way as the Juniors were racing. Ah, tradition!

Thursday 6/06: 1st (Ocean) Race and the Rage is 3rd at the windward marker thanks to a collision between Courageous and Running Tide, around the mark had to gybe unexpectedly, mainsheet wrapped around tiller head and snapped it off when the boom came over, score a DNF. Stafford got a 1st in the Sunfish/Lazer Class “G”. After lunch the Dove got a 5th (of 9) (anchor pulled loose at start) and Rage was 9th (of 9) in the 1st series points race.

Friday 7/06 The Dove – 5th (sail too small) – Stafford/Sunfish 4th (capsized twice) – Rage was 7th. Courageous and Ruperts Legend tangle with Courageous causing Legends mast to snap. Ouch!

Saturday 8/06: Rage scores a 7th and all the sailors wonder when are we gonna modify the bottom like all the other older boats have done. Rich sails the Sunfish to a 3rd place. Dove has the right sail, has a good start, 3rd. And which boat was last to be hauled onto the barge to Nassau? You guessed it – the Dove. Overall results below.

Results from the 46th Annual Long Island Regatta 2013

Class A

1. Red Stripe, L. Robinson 22 points
2. Good News, L. Armbrister 20 points
3. Running Tide, R. Fox 19 points
4. Ruff Justice, J. Knowles 18 points
5. Ed Sky, J. Mc.Phee 9 points
6. New Courageous, E. Munroe 7 points
7. Southern Cross, M. Knowles 7 points
8. Abaco Rage, S. Patterson 6 points
9. Rupert’s Legend, D. Knowles 3 points

Class B

1. Lady Sonia, L. Rolle 24 points
2. New Susan Chase, M. Knowles, 23 points
3. Eudeva, L. Robinson 18 points
4. Lonesome Dove, A. Wilhoyte 15 points
5. Ants Nest, L. Armbrister 13 points
6. Cobra, D. Higgins 10 points
7. Queen Drucilla, S. Kemp 9 points
8. Passion, R. Knowles 2 points
9. Hummingbird, M. Fox –points

Class C

1. It Ain’t Right, D. Knowles 46 points
2. Crazy Partner, L. Robinson 42 points
3. Bul Reg, B. Rolle 36 points
4. Beerly Legal, M. Fox 31 points
5. Whitty K, S. Knowles 30 points
6. Sweet Island Gal, K. Brown 29 points
7. Lady Dian, D. Knowles 25 points
8. Sacrifice, C. Cartwright 25 points
9. Double B, M. Knowles 23 points
10. Two Friends, P. Robinson 22 points
11. Barbarian, D. Gibson 21 points
12. San Sally, R. Ross 13 points
13. Surprise, J. Knowles 13 points
14. Unca John, A. Gibson 11 points
15. Irene Good Night, J. Wallace 9 points
16. Jacob’s Ladder, Mr. Higgins 4 points

Class E

1. Sands, S. Gibson 20 points
2. High Rock, T. Gibson 18 points
3. Sands Light, D. Davis 16 points
4. Bahamas Hot Mix, Lightbourne 15 points
5. Strong Back, S. Rolle 14 points
6. Q, K. Darville 8 points
7. Old Faithful, R. Knowles 7 points
8. Lucayan Tropical, J. Miller 8 points

Class G

1. Island Boy, T. Treco 15 points
2. Bandit, G. Knowles 15 points
3. Sunfish 22, S. Patterson 13 points
4. C.M., M. Knowles 11 points
5. Flying Fish, I. Fox 5 points
6. Rip Tide, D. Fox 3 points
7. Scalawag, L. Knowles 2 points
8. Midnight Run, B. Cartwright —


High Rock, T. Knowles 12 points
Sands Light, C. Cartwright 7 points
Sands, E. Wells 6 points
Strong Back, D. Fox 1 point

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