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While The Rage Rests, Part 3

While the Rage and its crew take a much deserved rest from racing, I am going to post Stafford’s reports on the Long Island races. Keep checking back to read about each day’s events. If you happen to miss a day, just click on next at the bottom, and it will take you to the previous post.  

Friday’s L.I. Race

45th Annual Long Island Regatta May 31st – June 2nd, 2012

Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas.

Friday and a happy Labour Day to you. Although the Regatta began yesterday it is today that things will get into high gear, more spectators because today is a holiday, and for the sailors a long day is ahead. First up is the A Class. There is more wind than yesterday but it still ain’t much. The crew scrambles to make it to the start line for an 8:30 race and some don’t even show. So we are light on crew but the air is light and we can do this. At the start line there is confusion as to what number we are and to make it worse Good News was in the wrong position and wouldn’t move……….and so I think we did a total of 3 anchoring maneuvers………the sort of stupidity we usually watch and laugh at………but today its us………Boom off we go for 2 1/2 laps. The winds are light and shifting all over the place and Southern Cross is dead in the water ahead of Rage as we are getting the anchor onboard, Rage is powered up and we can’t avoid a collision with their boom and our starboard stays. Ouch! Thankfully nothing breaks and we get away as cleanly as can be expected, but the collision has slowed us and we are in dirty air so tack over and take off right behind Mark Knowles in the Cross which turns out to be a bad decision, the air is much better on the right side, so good that Original Courageous breaks her mast step out the side and sinks straight to the bottom! At the marker we are 6th of 8 ahead of Red Stripe. 2 laps later at the windward marker Red Stripe finally manages to pass us and we finish 7th or DFL, but we had fun, especially the 3 new “Ragettes”.

 Back on Nomad, we secure the Rage alongside, some crew hang and watch the C/D/E Class race, some go to town, some go back to bed. I watched. Very light air but the boats got going (much, much later than scheduled) and Beerly Legal is out front, Buzzy is midpack in Bull Reg. The wind drops, then shifts, then shifts again. Wow! The C fleet stays close together despite this then 300 yards from the finish and right in front of us on Nomad Beerly Legal sails into a spot of no wind and comes to a halt. Thunderbird, in 3rd, sees this and follows the wind line off course…….and around Legal and It Ain’t right to take the win. Wow. Now, how long before the B Class sails? We have lunch, wait, and wait then the 1/2 hour gun goes off. 1 1/2 hours later and no movement by either the R/C or the sailors ashore. So we wait…………Denis, Luke and Sarah show up in time for the A Class race at 4:00 but we haven’t sailed the B’s yet. Frustration. Anyhow finally its time to start the B race and as we do our anchor pulls loose and no forward momentum and sails up and we 1/2 way went into irons and the fleet sailed away…….we get going on port tack and are right with Cobra to leeward and they tack right under us then shout starboard! WTF? Bang they hit our boom with their forestay and yell at us for not giving way! Jackasses. Thankfully, nothing broke. We ended up 6th, just not enough distance to catch up and pass anyone. Hurry up secure the Dove alongside Nomad jump on the Rage for the final race of the day. Rage wouldn’t point we were DFL (7th) again 😦  And by the time we got [a] the boats secure for the night [b] sailing money collected [c] cleaned and dry clothes on, and [d] the sun set – Sands Beer had their sculling races – in the dark! And I wanted to enter! They didn’t announce when they were gonna do it….   😦   I guess we had dinner………..

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