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While The Rage Rests, Part 4

This is the final installment of Stafford’s Long Island Regatta reports.  If you happen to have missed a day, just click on next at the bottom, and it will take you to the previous posts.  

Meanwhile, the Rage and its crew are resting up for the next Hope Town Sailing Club’s race season. The schedule of racing events will be posted here soon.  Until then, check out www.hopetownsailingclub.com .

Please keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed for a mild hurricane season.

Saturday, Last L.I. Race Day

45th Annual Long Island Regatta May 31st – June 2nd, 2012

Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas.

Saturday and today we put up or shut up. Winds are light and a bit variable, should be a good days sailing. A Class first due to the tides, those same tides that have been confounding us since the first time we ever sailed here in Salt Pond. We are light on crew again, but it doesn’t matter ‘cause the winds are light too.

The start is routine and (almost) on time, but the Rage is just not quite as fast needed to be up front so we find ourselves jousting with Southern Cross and Skipper Mark Knowles for last (7th) place and we BEAT HIM! for 6th place. Take that Hitler!! Overall winner of A Class is Running Tide, Skipper Roger Fox, that’s 1 for Long Island. Rage gets 7th overall with finishes of 7/7/6…..The C/D/E Classes are next and its 2 for Long Island as Beerly Legal with Skipper Marty Fox takes the win and the C Class Overall. Lunch and wait for the finale of this year’s Regatta, the final B Class race. Some crew sneak in a quick trip to Deans Blue Hole. Its hot……must stay hydrated……crew returns from field trip…..hydrate some more…..

…and now its time to race the Dove one more time, but its later that scheduled and the tide is going out. Wind shift since the C Class race, we start headed South West, again on time and with no hassles. Way to go Commodore Chester Fox and the R/C. Well, at the sound of the starting gun, we pull on our anchor rope, slowly at first so as to not pull it loose from the soft bottom, and it slips loose – no grip! – then hooks again – pull– and it slips again! – then vivaciously hooks again – PULL HARD – sails up! And we get a good start but so does Susan Chase, Lady Nathalie, Cobra, Ants Nest and Eudeva. Chase tacks over and Dove tacks behind her in 2nd place. All the others keep going on Starboard, right towards where the Dove ran aground on Thursday! Don’t they remember?? Buzzy on Lady Sonia tacks and avoids the grounding Cobra, Ants Nest and Eudeva experience. Last I saw, they were in the water pushing their boats off the bottom… and we are right with Susan Chase for position but they hold 1st, and we hold 2nd, Lady Nathalie behind us in 3rd with our LI pal Colin Cartwright as Skipper….we bump several times headed to the finish but hold our position and finish 2nd. Chase takes the B Class Overall, with Skipper Stefan Knowles, who was a skinny lil junior sailor when we got involved with Regatta in the late ‘90’s…Lady Sonia and Buzzy take 2nd O/A, Lady Nathalie is 3rd O/A. Dove has the same points as Lady Nathalie but they have higher finishes than Dove so we get 4th O/A. So we come home with a 3rd in A Class (Ocean Race – $$$$$) a 2nd in B Class (no sponsor!) and a 4th O/A in B Class ($$$$). And we had the most fun doing it. Dinner was, as usual on the final night, hurried, sandwiched between putting the Dove on the barge and the trophy presentation. The former went on into the wee hours; thankfully not too buggy, the latter was well attended by Rage Crew with a quick trip to the podium for me (A Class) and Andrew (B Class). And it was unanimous, all had a most enjoyable time, can’t wait till next time……………


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