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While The Rage Rests, Part 2

While the Rage and its crew take a much deserved rest from racing, I am going to post Stafford’s reports on the Long Island races. Keep checking back to read about each day’s events. If you happen to miss a day, just click on next at the bottom, and it will take you to the previous post.  

Thursday: Let the L.I. Racing Begin

45th Annual Long Island Regatta May 31st – June 2nd, 2012

Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas.

Thursday morning and once again ZNS does not play the Anthem at 6:00, so I light a 10 shot Roman candle instead. And it is FLAT CALM, not a single puff of air moving. C, D and E classes are scheduled to start at 8:00 am, but thats a joke even if there was some wind because it’s still FLAT CALM. Finally, shortly after 10:00 am Chester (FOX, R/C Commodore) decides there is enough wind to start, fires the cannon and they are off, especially “Beerly Legal” who anchored on the favored end of the start line.They began heaving anchor line at the 1 minute gun then quickly stopped giving their boat forward momentum as they waited for the start, and they were a full boat length ahead of the fleet when the cannon sounded. Buzzy (Rolle, our “enemy” in B Class) is middle of the line, and they got going good too, but Beerly Legal is out front, and when you have clean air on your sails…..it took awhile to finish a lap and a half and Mother Nature threw in a big wind shift just to keep it interesting. Beerly Legal was able to hang on for the win with Buzzy in the “Bull Reg” in 2nd. The A Class was scheduled to start at 10:00 am, so I speculate that the R/C will postpone that race, sail B Class next then the A race scheduled for 4:30 at 4:30. A half hour later Chester swings by Nomad and announces, ah, see the above. Lunch and wait till its time to start the B Class. Still almost flat calm it seems to take forever to sail from the anchorage to the start line. Dove has a decent start and is out in the mix with Susan Chase, Lady Sonia and Ants Nest. We tack over and take the right side of the course and Dove is looking pretty good as we approach the windward marker, but its shallow over on this side…..and as we tack to make the mark we hit bottom hard enough to go in irons. SHIT! So we are 7th of 9 around the mark and thats how it stayed, we just could not catch up enough. Arrrrrgh! A short break and time to race the Rage. Still light, shifty air. We raise the sail to its fullest, lose 1 pry and take only 8 crew. Shortly before 5:00 pm we start, and Rage has a good one, but there is no wind. Weight to windward, heel her over and Rage took off. Mark Knowles (the other “enemy”) skippering Southern Cross tacked over towards the shallow side so we let him go and went up the middle, Lundy on Red Stripe went to the left. Cross is around first and Stripe just slips in front of Rage at the marker so we are 3rd around, Ruff Justice right behind us. The Rage sailed well and as is typical of these races, that’s how it stayed to the end. This is the so called Ocean Race and 3rd position pays well but no points. We won a prize, yippee!! Tack and crack. Happy hour follows then dinner and some of the crew are going to Regatta Park but Bob and I stay on Nomad and converse into the night…….

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