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Waiting For RTIA

While we wait for this week’s Regatta Time in Abaco reports, I’ll post a series of Stafford’s reports from the Long Island Races.

First the Rage and Dove had to get there!

Monday the 28th of May, and we (Stafford, Eric and Cameron) are on the way to George Town, Exuma to meet up with Capt. Randy on Nomad. The Rage, the Dove and our chase boat Conch Eyes are secure on a mooring over at Stocking Island since the National Family Island Regatta a month ago. Thanks to Sky Bahamas, we arrive in GT by 9:00 and head to the P & P for breakfast. Capt meets us and takes us over to get Conch Eyes off the mooring. Cap also says that the Saint Francis Resort has compt us the monthly mooring fee. Nice! Cap has a project going on Nomads upper deck, our home for the next 6 days so we cruise around some, taking in the sights and sounds of GT without any Regatta hustle and bustle. It’s quiet. Back to the P & P for lunch then back to Nomad to change clothes for a visit to the Chat n Chill. KB, the owner, proudly shows us his new (but not quite finished) gift shop. The beers are cold, the conversations flow and before you know it its time to clean up for dinner at, yep, you guessed it, the P & P. The 4 of us head over to meet up with Kay Turnquest, Secretary of the Exuma Regatta Committee. Dinner was excellent followed by a few cocktails……………

 Tuesday and today we will tow the boats over to Long Island, but first we need some groceries and ice, so we head to GT for breakfast at the Town Cafe, a trip to the Top to Bottom hardware store, food from Exuma Market, and beer from John Marshall Liquor store. Back on Nomad we secure all the loose rigging on the boats and weigh anchor at 11:15 with 4 boats in tow – Rage, Conch Eyes, Dove and Watts and Watts – all in one line behind Nomad. The first half of the trip over is very interesting as we cruise just a few feet from the Exuma shoreline all the way to the South end of Little Exuma, the scenery and beaches are beautiful. Then across the bank to Salt Pond, Long Island we arrive at 5:30 PM and secure the boats alongside Nomad. Denis and the remainder of the crew buzz us just before dark on the way to the Deadmans Cay Airport. A short time later they Denis, Andrew, Nakeia, Bob, Tatum and Ashley, join us on Nomad for happy hour then burgers on the grill and I am done for the day……………

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